The glass balustrades support balconies, staircases and provide external and internal security to many buildings. As various materials can be utilized to design a functional and striking balustrade, the glass balustrade became the most popular in the past years due to its countless benefits. Among the glass balustrades, the frameless is the most popular in modern architecture and interior designing.

Given below are a few of the excellent benefits which a glass balustrade offers you:

1.    Glass creates an Illusion with more space
The glass creates an illusion of more space in a building and it is the main reason for the popularity of glass elements in home designing nowadays. This becomes a reality when the balustrade of clear and transparent glass is used. The illusion with more space will make the area appear enlarged than its real form and it cannot be achieved using a metal, iron or chrome options. When you go for a glass balustrade for your stairs or any elevated areas, glass shower screen or glass door, you can enjoy the amazing transparent border which offers you an expanded, open and fresh ambience.

2.    Balustrades made of glass will not block the light
One of the major benefits of glass balustrades is that they won’t block the light in the building. The glass railings allow the light to pass and shine through, enhance the presence of sunlight and serve you an open and airy indoors. A glass balustrade installed in a line along with windows make a modern and roomy interior as the free flow of natural light is allowed within the space contrasting the traditional railing designs and borders that usually block light passing.

3.    Glass balustrade- an ideal choice for modern interiors
 Installing glass balustrades enable your buildings to have a soft touch of modern sophistication that suits the ambience. This also brings you tremendous benefits if you are planning to sell your house as they help to earn good amount of money during the resale. This attempt of house modification is mostly done by the buyers for getting more money.

4.    The glass is easy to maintain cleanliness
Besides the looks, glass balustrades are also easy to keep clean. The commercial glass cleaning products and a lint-free cloth will help you to keep the new installation in perfect and clean condition within a few minutes. The ability to maintain that fresh and clean look is the most significant benefit with glass balustrade.  If you worry about any scratches or damage, you can easily restore the beauty with a polishing that makes another major advantage when it is compared with metal or wood balustrades.

5.    The strong and Durability of Balustrades
The glass balustrades are exceptionally robust like its wonderful looks. The new installation of glass will last for more years than metal or wood and will require very little or no maintenance at all. Most of the people misunderstand that using glass balustrades are risky as they are delicates. But they are the ones with extreme durability among the construction materials. Glass is far better and durable than wood which is easily get infected by the pests or destroyed by corrosion after a few years.  Eventually, glass maintains its quality and durability. They ages slowly hence the changes are barely noticeable for the naked eyes. The excellent durability is what makes your investment worthy as the glass balustrades can last for decades.

6.    Glass Balustrade- the Safe and secure option
 The technology development makes the glass stronger and safer. The thick and tempered glass that is used to make glass balustrades are hard to break. Only an extreme structural pressure applied can break the glass balustrade as they are strong enough like steel. Even though the tempered glass breaks, the remains of glass will not get sharp that proves glass is always a great option for any area of buildings especially in the home where children may be present.